Key cutting machine
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1: What is your main market?
We can supply all levels parts according to your extact requirement, but mainly in middle and high levels. Parts are mainly exported to Germany, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada and some other countries.

2: How do you control and guarantee the quality?
Firstly,for incoming material, we purchase the raw material from our best material suppliers. 
Secondly, in actual production process, we put strong emphasis on parts appearance, parts parameter and technology standard as well as parts real performance, 100% inspection to ensure the parts are ok.
Thirdly, random check when parts are finished before shipment.

3: How do you face the customer claim?
When a claim occurs, we will carefully study and compare your claimed problems with the part status in our stock, we will timely arrange a meeting internally with our engineers, sales and QC staffs to analyze and find out the root causes to see if these problems are casued in our production or during transportation. Then implement corresponding correction and preventive actions to make sure no same problems happen again in future deliveries.

4: Why should we select you as our supplier?
Our price might not be the most competitive, but we are professional and we know extactly what you require.INTER-STEP (Russia third telecom) has worked with us for more than 7 years till now and we are still maintaining our nice cooperation, Select PTCQ, Select Success!

5: What is your payment terms?
T/T or western union is accepted

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